Eupraxia is looking for great group fitness coaches.

Who we are looking for:

People that love helping others acheive their health/fitness goals in a fun, high energy group fitness program.

To Be a Coach You:

• Must CARE! This is the most important part of the position. Care about the members and their outcomes. You must truly care about helping others achieve their goals.

• Must love people. 

• Must be comfortable giving sweaty high fives and pats on the back. 

• Must be willing and have a passion for learning about health/nutrition.

• Must be comfortable in sweaty post-workout selfies. 

• Hours are 5am - 7am and/or 4pm - 6pm.

• Must be on time. Always.

• Must be able to problem solve when misc. small tasks pop up and need fixing

Do Not Apply If:

• You can't play in a team.

• You are interested only in yourself.

• You take yourself too seriously.

• You're too cool for fun pants friday or other themed events.

• Your ego is bigger than Kim Kardashian's booty.

• Over half your pics are shirtless bathroom selfies.

• If you made it this far, then we are looking for you.

We need 6 to 16 sessions per week covered. If you crush it, there is a lot more where that came from. 

We are growing fast, and there are many opportunities for growth inside the company. 

How to Apply:

Email your resume to success@drczys.com with "fitness coach" in the subject line.