Eupraxia is looking for a Fitness Center Manager: Eupraxia is dedicated to transforming the lives of people in our community through mindset, fitness and nutrition strategies.

Who we are looking for: We are looking for a GSD (get-sh*t-done) type of person who is member-focused but also knows how to get thejob done and be a leader in the company. 

You will be responsible for:

• CARE! This is the most important part of the position. Care about the members and their outcomes. You must truly care about helping others achieve their goals.

• Lead by example to cultivate an energetic and welcoming environment for members and coaches.

• Evaluate and consistently improve overall staff and gym performance.

• Manage member and staff concerns.

• 30-40 hours per week.

• Teach 15-20 workout classes per week.

• Social media posting and communication.

• Inventory and product/supply ordering.

• Detailed membership data entry.

• Misc. new little things pop-up and need solving.

What skills & experience you’ll bring to us:

• Passion & knowledge for health and wellness.

• Positive, motivating and effective interpersonal communication skills.

• Willing and eager to learn about health and wellness.

• Ability to multi-task and stay organized.

• Enthusiastic and energetic team player.

• Must be comfortable giving sweaty high fives.

• Must love people.

• On time. Always.

• Must be a fun person that doesn’t take him/herself too seriously.


• Getting paid to be in an inspiring, uplifting gym atmosphere. A job you actually look forward to.
• Very flexible with no boss/mgr looking over your shoulder.

• A perfect mix of sitting/standing work.

• Very few weekend/holiday shifts.

• Paid vacation/time off.

• Casual, fun dress code. Wearing workout clothes all day is wonderful.

• Free membership.

• All products at cost.

• Never have and never will enforce a mask or shot mandate.

• Salary plus commission and bonuses.

• Paid parental leave.

In addition, all members of our team are expected to abide to the Core Values of our company, as follows:

RESULTS: I apply the highest standards of excellence, implementation & engagement to help our members get RESULTS.

EXPERIENCE: I am the best part of our member's day.

ABUNDANCE: I embrace collaboration, not competition. 

CONTRIBUTION: My work contributes to the wider community & creates a ripple effect.

GROWTH: I maintain a positive work environment where we all grow together.

How to Apply:

Email your resume to success@drczys.com with "fitness manager" in the subject line.